As per the information provided; You are beginner, never used telescopes before. You want to see galaxies and nebulas & your budget is as much as 15,000 rupees.

Under 15K, for nebulas & galaxies:

1. Orion 100mm Tabletop Reflector Telescope

It’s the high-quality telescope with 100mm reflector aperture and with compact easy to use design. Made for beginners. It is able to help you see Galaxies and nebulas like Orion.

But remember to also get in a clear dark sky. As you progress, make sure you upgrade eyepiece collection which is necessary for planetary observations. The practice is the key, the more you do, the more you see.

2. AstroMaster LT 76AZ

It’s a little less expensive than the first one due to the smaller aperture. But it still has way more power than what you pay for. Astromaster is also a Newtonian type scope. It shows its capability to its fullest when you have high magnification eyepiece and a nice clear dark sky. All those nebulas like Orion are possible via it.

3. Celestron 70mm travel scope.

It cost less than 10 thousand rupees. The Travel scope is best if you like to go out of the city and enjoy the sky there. Camping and all those things. It is lightweight and sturdy. The scope comes with a special bag so its easy to carry. The scope obviously is less powerful than those at top. But it can at least show you some nice nebulas with eyepiece upgrades and practice. Just try finding the darkest and clearest sky possible. And you also be knowing how to find nebulas.

You see the telescopes to see galaxies and nebulas have to be big, powerful and of high quality. All these three properties combined, and the telescope gets expensive. Get one of the telescopes (I would suggest the first one), practice and learn to see and you are good to go!

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