23 Best Gifts for Astronomy Lovers India

Searching for cool unique astronomy and science-themed item for a gift. Maybe for yourself or some loved one?

Hey, I got you covered. Today I am going to show you 23 best gifts for astronomy lovers that you can buy on Amazon right away.

Be it a birthday, anniversary, festival or just a day to show them they are special. You will love this item.

Enough talking, for now, lets hop-in.

Listicle: 23 Best gifts for astronomy lovers

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1. Shifu Cosmos Augmented reality toy gift for kids

Inspire the young astronaut! Bring this innovative, learn & fun, augmented reality-based game for your 5-10-year-olds.

Crafted by tech enthusiasts & passionate parents. The shifu promotes imagination, self-learning, creativity. It enhances your kid’s vocabulary & motor skills.

The pack contains 20 AR based items including the solar system, an asteroid belt, Orion, Mangalyaan, Hubble telescope, ISS, APJ Abdul Kalam, Neil Armstrong, and more.

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2. Space Capsule Tea Infuser

No one likes to land in the middle of the oceans – but then there are astronauts. For the lovers of space and of tea, here’s the one for you!

The Space Capsule tea infuser is your conversation starter. Start the day with your favorite infuser. Put your favorite loose-leaf tea in the capsule. To open, unscrew it. Dip-in to brew. The little-cutie-astronaut will work as a counter-weight for you.

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3. Eye-catchy Universe Ladies Handbag

Women Large Tote Top Handle Shoulder Bags Universe Galaxy Space Stars Patern Ladies Handbag

Use this stylish Bag for an overnight trip or for toting your essentials to the gym and back home. This large versatile beach tote easily folds into half the size for an easy carrying option!

Made from lightweight nylon with PU leather handle. The beautiful various prints are a must have this season. There is plenty of room to carry all of your necessities. Featuring a double-handle zipper closure. It’s a must buy for your sky crazy lady.

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4. The Realistic Baby Groot Miniature from GOTG 2

Who doesn’t want this adorable baby Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, at their homes and offices?

The Miniature decorating item looks so real that’s self-sufficient in grabbing eyeballs. Turn it into a showpiece; put some flowers in it, or use it as a pen holder on your desk.

Baby Groot is multipurpose! A must-buy item, at cheap, for all those GOTG fans. It’s a gift that your geek buddies will never forget.

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5.Kurtzy’s 8x40mm Stargazing Binoculars

From an Indian brand – Kurtzy, here is good-to-go everyday binoculars. It’s the cheapest one to name. Kurtzy powers over the 40mm lens with 8x magnification. Within a thousand rupee budget, you can’t expect anything better but this. Do the wow-some stargazing! Or spot the birds, nature, sports and more as well.

I think kurtzy can help your eye on everything. So lightweight to carry and to hold in palms. A perfect gift for yourself or for your buddy.

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6. The Newton’s Pendulum KE Cradle Physics Toy

 Looking for a desk toy that everyone will stare at? Or a cool instrument to demonstrate some of the most fundamental laws of physics to the young scientists – it works out for both!

*It’s an Amazon Choice toy.*

Best stare-and-stress-relieve-medicine! The fun way to show how inertia, kinetic energy or Newton’s law works out. When one ball hit the other, the action-reaction system depicts Newton’s law.

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7.Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Space Pen with Clip - Matte Black, Gift Boxed (400BCL)

Imagine yourself as an astronaut, traveling to the unknown. So you are popular now and people are going crazy for your autograph. In situations like this, an ordinary pen can’t be of help.

You need something that matches your personality. Like Fisher! A buttery smooth bullet-like shape. The pen that writes fast, at any angle and must work even at zero gravity. Only imported ink like in this pen can do that. Its a perfect premium thing for premium in them.

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8.Space Protector Skin Decal Sticker for PS4

Space Protector Skin Decal Sticker for PS4

Do they have a gaming console, one like PS4? If so, you can consider this cool space-themed skin decal for them.
The decal has attractive nebula and space dust printed on it. Made up of a high-quality strong material that protects the console from scratches and dust burst. So the console has a longer life.

And it’s even easier to install and remove. Leaves no bubbles and nor does it fades. Give it a charming personality. All for a very little price.

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9. Let Me Explain The Cool Physics Tee

Before you say science is boring, let me explain to you a thing! Science is not merely a set of complex formulas and equation that you need to study to pass academics.

Its the way how things are going this way or the other way around. It finds night sky more beautiful than a reality show.

So let’s celebrate Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Cosmos reboot with this wow-some tees.
More T-shirts here

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10. 297 PCS Space Shuttle Satellite Rocket

Space Shuttle Satellite Rocket Thematic Educational Block Construction Toy with Astronaut Model Mini Figures

For a true space lover its a dream to travel in space for at least once. Well, I can’t help you with that.

The 297 Pcs space shuttle satellite rocket encourage the creativity of the little fellow. It’s one of the most realistic sets of models.

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11.Master Projector With USB (Turn Any Room Into A Starry Sky)

Own your personal universe. The high-quality master projector sprays the moon and stars all over your room. It helps reducing stumbling and let you enjoy the party. For home and for your bedroom.

If counting sheep is no longer effective. Try counting stars! And you may improve your knowledge of the universe in the process as well. It projects the true to life view of the universe at such an affordable price.

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12.Cool Multifunct. Stress & Anxiety Reliever Cube

Fidgeting is when you make small movements of your fingers or feet due to nervousness or impatience.

This fidget cube gadget is a new and effective cure for this. May you have the problem of frequent anxiety or stress (common). The stress & anxiety reliever helps you cope with it effectively and help you keep medication at the bay. And it isn’t just effective, it also looks so cool and attractive in hand.

Click it, roll it, spin it and do everything in-between! Get your cube for a cheap price right away.

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13.DIY Glow In The Dark Solar System Planetarium Model

DIY Glow In The Dark Solar System Planetarium Model

What’s better than playing a fun game and learning the universe in the process? Yeah, it is a rare phenomenon. But that’s what you get with this cool planetarium model.

The DIY kit challenges your creativity while keeping you busy. Neon makes it glow. Set your own personal solar system in the motion. It can also be used as a showpiece. Trust me, its best treat for your loved one…

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14. The L&S 50mm Astronomical Telescope [Cheap Price]

The most essential weapon in the arsenal of any astronomers.

The L&S telescope is one of the most budget-friendly items for astronomy lovers. It’s a perfect instrument to do some casual skywatching and studying the universe. An inevitable bet for all of that.

And it’s quick and easy, no-tool-setup device. Just perfect for both kids and adults! More beginners telescopes reviews here.

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15.Outer Space Fine Art Print Wall Decor 8.5 x 11

Outer Space Universe Galaxy Fine Art Print Wall Decor 8.5 x 11

I love being surrounded by the things full of goodness like this cosmic wallpaper. Professional quality 8.5″ x 11″ print of a fantasy cosmos including a planet, nebula, and stars in outer space.

The artwork is printed to the edge on top quality acid-free archival glossy paper that brings out the rich colors of the image. Signed on the back by the artist. It is a perfect item to decorate your walls with.

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16.GUI Kids Unisex Cotton T-shirt

GUI Kids Unisex Cotton Tshirt

Space-loving parents usually raise space loving kids. Then how about the space-themed t-shirt.

There’s nothing better than gifting them this very attractive t-shirt filled with the beautiful solar system. It’s the combination of luxurious clothing material with top-notch printing.

So let’s make your kid look cool like an astroMAN! More on Space themed t-shirts here.

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17.Geeks Analog Quartz Wrist Watch

A watch is an expression of an individual’s personality. And a science-themed watch? It’s a geek signature accessory for their everyday look.

Regular numbers are for regular guys. Instead, it has a trigonometric equation format that requires to be solved to know the current time.

Add this affordable wristwatch in your collection and drop a unique impression on the people you care.
[Here’s the luxurious model

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18.Think Geek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Almost all sort of people enjoys playing Minecraft (including myself). Its kind of creative thing, isn’t it?

This light-up diamond ore is perfect stuff for those guys. Put it on your office desk or use it as a nighttime light in your bedroom – it best in that. This Ore looks so awesome and so real. It features an amazing light illumination that operates on a sensor. Just tap lightly on it to turn it on, brighten or shut it. It’ll shut automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. This Ore is suitable for both kids and adult fans.

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19.COSMOS by Carl Sagan

Cosmos by Carl Sagan book

Leaders are readers! The Cosmos is considered to be one of the best non-fiction science-themed books ever. And Carl Sagan? He was the Superman of our community.

The 13 chapter reading explains the hardcore topics of the universe in a way that is easy even on a layman.
It will take you on a fascinating journey which discusses various critical aspects like the anthropological, cosmological, biological, historical and astronomical matters. The book compliments the popular TV show of the same name.

So just gift them with one of the top-selling astronomy books by Sagan. And see the much more expensive happiness on their face than the actual price you paid.

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20.Solar System Boys 100% Silk Astronomy Planets Tie

Solar System Boys 100% Silk Astronomy Planets

What better than wearing your passion. The thing that moves your needle and keeps you happy.

Be it a presentation in the school or is it a farewell party. This sexy solar system tie gives you a unique look and personality. It shows off what you are. The man from Mars!

Pair it with a light white shirt and you are ready for a solid look.

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21. Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug

Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug Heat Sensitive Porcelain Tea Cup

Surprise your buddies with wonderful magic. When you pour them some hot drink in a magical mug. They will just be left stunned.

It’s a special kind of mug. At normal temperature, it’s just blank from the outer side. The show starts when you pour some hot coffee. See the whole solar system bounded to your cup. For coffee lovers and for astronomy lovers. This mug is for you all.

Amazon Global | Amazon India | Amazon (Standard mug)

22.Comfy Sunrise Universe Women Legging

Vangoddy Sunrise Universe De Women S Full Length Legging Tights

One size fits all. These stylish full-length colorful printed leggings have a uniquely positive vibe. With a full-length exterior and a double stitched waistline band for ensured longevity. Space cool leggings keep you warm and stylish whether you’re out at the mall or just lounging around at home.

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23.Raw packets Our Solar System Wall Poster

Rawpockets 'Our Solar System' Wall Poster

Suitable for home, office, and room. Printed on a durable paper.

It’s the coolest wall decor in the list so far.

The very reason I like it is quality. And this wonderful poster is coming for a very decent price.

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Over to you

So that’s a wrap for today. You just discovered over 23 best science and astronomy-themed items. Some of this a little expensive than others but everyone is unique in its own. I hope you found something for yourself.

if you are into space observation then you might want to check out bestselling beginner telescopes or start with astronomy binoculars here.

Also, don’t forget to speak a word in comments below.


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