Essential Astronomy Equipment

Shopping for Astronomy Equipment? Know What to Take

With astronomy, the rest of the universe almost comes within your reach. However, it can be a lot easier to do so if you have the right astronomy equipment with you. And a telescope is just a part of it.

But which equipments you actually need? And what the other things that you don’t necessarily require? Well, I have covered the whole topic today.

For those who wish to pursue astronomy as a hobby or even as a profession, make sure that you have the following equipment:

5 Popular astronomy equipment for every space observer

To keep things simple and easy for you to understand, we have listed you some of the most popular and must have equipments in visual astronomy.

1. Camera for memory

Cameras are very useful astronomy equipment as they not just allow you to see objects in the sky, but you can also capture and freeze them as pictures.

This way, you can study them a lot closer, and you can have more time for observation. You can also use them for future references.

This equipment can be utilized for a process known as astrophotography. You can then develop your own collection and publish your findings. Or just share it with your friends and let them know what you are after.

There’s no upper limit on how expensive a camera you can buy. To keep it simple, I will just list you a cheap, easy to use the camera for astrophotography.

2. Telescopes – to see it all

It’s obvious. One of the most common astronomy equipment are the telescopes. Their magnification level is so high that you can absolutely see the Moon, Solar system, and even beyond. The objects seem as if they are just in front of you.

There are many kinds of this astronomy equipment, and your choice will depend on some factors. If you’re on a tight budget or you just need one that will allow you to view the sky, both in daytime and nighttime, a simple one will do.

But if you intent in making a more in-depth study of certain heavenly bodies like the Jupiter, for example, buy an astronomy equipment that’s high grade. Celestron’s 130mm is perfect to start with.

And in case you need more,  here are our handpicked best telescopes to get you started.

3. Astronomy binoculars – keep it easy

If you can’t afford to have a telescope yet, you can always go for binoculars. They may not be as powerful as telescopes, but this astronomy equipment can already give you an excellent vision of the sky.

In fact, you should carry a good pair of astronomy binoculars with yourself even if you already own a telescope. The simple reason for this is because binoculars are a lot easy to use. You can use them in finding objects, which then can be focused on with the help of your telescope.

The minimum specification for such binoculars starts with 10×50. Where 10x is magnification and 50 is the aperture or objective lens in mm.

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4. Red flashlight – to help you see around

The best spot for stargazing is the darkest one. This is the place where there’s almost no light around. Because regular white light disturbs our ability to see distant objects.

But then how you will find your things in such a dark and navigate yourself?

The answer is the Red flashlight. Scientifically, the wavelength of red color doesn’t impair your night vision ability. You can make a red flash yourself as well.

Here’s simple DIY instruction: Get any flashlight and a darker red colored cloth. Cover up the whole flash front side with the cloth such a that the light will be less intense and darker red. Now your free, red flashlight is ready to go!

You can buy the professional quality LED here.

5 Some hot or cold drinks – not an equipment but you deserve a treat

No need to mention. Most of the times the period of your sessions will be at night. And the best location for such activities is remote, away from the city.

So it will be best to treat yourself with some drinks, hot or cold, depending upon the season. So you won’t get tired. Best would be to grab some hot coffee or some Pepsi or Juice. Trust me, it works great to keep you motivated.


So this was my favorite equipments for an astronomy trip. I hope you enjoyed it. You probably don’t need to have all of them at all. But for me, they not only make my job more convenient, but they also help me improve in what I can achieve in the night sky.

The most basic things you need include a telescope,

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