Stargazers to Get Extra-Special Glimpse of Halley’s Comet!

Skygazers will get an “extra special” glimpse of the tail end Halley's comet, which was last visible from Earth in February 1986, as Earth passes through an area of space littered with its debris.Tomorrow night's sky will feature up to 20 meteors every hour that are remnants from Halley’s comet deposited in the solar system [...]

Geminids Meteor Shower: Heres How, Where & When to See It!

Tonight is going to be an exciting night for stargazers around the globe as the year’s most extraordinary cosmic display is set to illuminate the sky brightly. The Geminid meteor shower, considered to be one of the brightest displays in the night sky, is active now and all set to light up the sky till [...]

10 Amazing things About NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

You all heard of NASA’s recent launch of Parker Solar Probe on Aug. 12, 2018. And you probably also know that it's Humanities first ever mission to go closest and in-fact to touch and intentionally crash on Sun. So here are 10 most amazing things to know about parker solar probe mission. 1. Getting to [...]

Indian Astronomers Finds Farthest Known Radio Galaxy

Advancements in technology is helping us making new and more and more surprising descoveries everyday. And here comes one of the important one. Astronomers using an Indian telescope, recently discovered the most distant radio galaxy ever known, located at a distance of 12 billion light-years. The galaxy from a time when the universe was only [...]