Top 5 Reason to Choose Astronomy Binocular Over Telescope

5 reason to buy binoculars instead of telescope first

Mention about astronomy and the first thing that will come up into your mind will be telescopes—the same ones that are currently used in space centers such as Hubble. Perhaps the only one you’re going to have will be the small one.

However, if you just learn to watch out the market, you will soon realize that there are actually plenty of astronomical equipment that you can use. One of the best examples will be the astronomy binoculars.

Astronomy Binoculars versus Telescopes

If you’re an amateur astronomer, you would surely feel apprehensive in buying astronomy binoculars. After all, they’re small compared to the gigantic size of telescopes.

Nevertheless, the former has some advantages over the latter:

1. Astronomy binoculars are a lot cheaper.

binoculars are cheaper

Telescopes are no doubt a lot more expensive than binoculars because of their complexity. They are often accompanied by very high zoom ratios and other features that are certainly not found in astronomy binoculars.

However, if you’re looking for equipment that can help you see the night sky properly, a binocular will already suffice, and it definitely costs way lesser than the telescopes.

2. You can carry the astronomy binoculars anywhere.

Portable binoculars
A guy with binoculars! Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Have you ever imagined yourself carrying a telescope with you? Surely, but it will definitely be cumbersome.

You also need a tripod, where you can mount the telescope. An astronomy binocular is so small that you can fit it nicely in your bag or even wear it all over your neck.

This way, you can always observe the night sky and other heavenly bodies whenever and wherever you want to.

3. Astronomy binoculars give you a better view.

binoculars gives clearer and wider view

There’s no question that a telescope has a much wider reach than astronomy binoculars.

In fact, if you can get a powerful one, you can even see distant galaxies and other solar systems. However, if you’re talking about clearer vision, the binoculars are it.

Normally, with telescopes, your vision can get narrow to a certain number of stars or a small piece of the sky. Binoculars can help you observe your subject as well as its environment.

4. The binoculars can give you exact images.

Inverted image
Inverted image of a city through a glass ball

With astronomy binoculars, what you see is what you get. The images are translated directly, while in most telescopes, they actually appear inverted. You need to bend to get the correct image.

You can also easily aim the binoculars at your desired subject by simply directly looking at it. Because of the tripod, the telescope becomes a lot harder to move around.

5. You can see planets with astronomy binoculars.

Orion Nebula clicked by backyard astronomer
Orion Nebula clicked by backyard astronomer

When it comes to astronomical observations, astronomy binoculars will definitely give telescopes a run for their money.

If you can get the high-powered ones, you’re already purchasing something that’s equivalent to a higher-grade telescope. You can already watch the stars, the planets, and the moon with no problem at all.


So this is how I think about astronomy binoculars and telescopes. Take it or throw it in the trash, it’s all up to you! 🙂  But hey, if you’re a beginner then you must first kickstart with one of the nice pair of binoculars our there (you can also pick one from here).

So what are your views on this? You feel telescopes are better? Please do let me know in the comment right below!

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